automated ecommerce, retail and info product sales funnels

the bottom line is

Who's Your Target?

The first step we take is to identify your target customer.  This crucial step identifies potential buyers and separates them from “window shoppers” – boosting the profit of every single marketing dollar you invest.

Brand identity

Let us make your brand visible, relevant and unique by analyzing audience and competitor data and formulating a marketing strategy that will set you apart with your unique selling proposition.

Funnel Design

Your fully-automated sales funnel is built with proven strategies to guide prospects through a carefully designed series of steps.  Complete with landing page optins, autoresponder emails, social media campaigns and more!

Marketing campaign

With your new sales funnel in place, our team launches a marketing campaign designed to generate traffic to your landing pages and build your email list and social media followers, while sending qualified prospects through your funnel.

how it works

From the very start, our funnel designs include ads and lead magnets that command interest and qualify prospects.  Clicks don’t make your sales grow – QUALIFIED clicks do!  Our campaigns are designed to get you traffic that has the greatest chance of buying.

We use landing pages, quizzes, lead magnets and more to engage leads as well as website visitors.  Your funnel will nurture those leads and create a desire for your products or services.

Capturing leads won’t generate sales by itself.  Your leads need to be nurtured and prepared, with an automated followup system.  By nurturing your leads, they’ll get to know you, like you and ultimately – want to buy your stuff.

Prospects take action once they’re educated and feel a connection with your brand.  We embrace a variety of technologies based on what serves your business model best – that could include using SMS/Text, email autoresponders, direct mail or social media to present a compelling call to action.

Wanna see it in action?

Lead nurturing involves giving your prospects something of value that will introduce your business and provide educational information in order to help them make an informed decision.

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