From commercials to training to sales and marketing material – trust, authority and character are all part of the package. Give a listen and join the list of clients including fortune 500 companies, internet marketers, educational institutes and more.

marketing VIDEOS

Marketing videos that SELL!

Using a combination of experience, creativity and psychological marketing techniques our videos convert. 


Banner ads & creatives

Retail sales Funnels

Do you have a product or service of your own?  Our funnel design team will engineer an optimized sales funnel to build loyal customers who buy from you again and again!  Whether you have an existing website and social media presence or not, our expert graphics designers, video creators and copywriters can give your marketing efforts a makeover or start from scratch.  Click the button below for more details and pricing.

affiliate marketing funnels

Would you like to get paid to promote high-quality, in-demand products?  Our packages include turn-key services for website design, email autoresponder messages and marketing material.  We even help you select offers to promote in whatever niche you’re interested in.  Click the button below for more details and pricing.


They say the best way to flatter yourself is to let someone else do it – so here’s what some clients have to say.

I've been working with Ken for over 15 years and he's always delivered. When I need him he comes through. I message him literally every week for ideas and advice. He knows how to get our funnels setup and converting. He's an amazing resource for video & email campaigns.
This dude is a great copywriter. He does other stuff too but his copy (and his smooth voice) is what keeps me coming back project after project. We'd been using him for video for years and only last year found out he does copy too! Turned him lose on one of our ActiveCampaign accounts and he TORE IT UP! Open rates went up, CTR went up. Love this guy!
Mr Walker's best quality is his understanding of client requirements. I simply have to tell him what I need, sometimes only in general terms, and it happens, fast and accurate. That skill is worth gold.
CONVERSION!!! That's what Ken gave us. Videos that convert. Landing pages that convert. Ads that convert. Our funnel runs itself so we can focus on our business!
This guy can literally do anything. I give him a topic and he comes back time and time again with the best marketing videos money can buy! His copy is top-shelf.
Ken has produced dozens of products for me over the years, he's fast, it's way better than anything I can get on Upwork and it always sells well.


Broadcast recordings  are defined as recordings used for promotional efforts.

These include Explainer, Whiteboard, Marketing & Webinar Videos where the purpose of the recording is to promote a product or person.

Non-broadcast recordings are defined as recordings used internally within an organization or as part of a product that is not directly accessible to the public.

This includes Training, Tutorials & Presentations.

Up to 30 seconds (up to 85 words)$90
Up to 1 minute (86-150 words)$140
Up to 2 minutes (151-300 words)$185
Up to 5 minutes (301-750 words)$250
Up to 10 minutes (751-1,500 words)$375
Up to 15 minutes (1,501-2,500 words)$450
Up to 20 minutes (2,501-3,250 words)$500
Up to 30 minutes (3,251-5,300 words)$600
Up to 45 minutes (5,301-7,500 words)$715
Up to 60 minutes (7,501-10,000 words)$1,000
Up to 90 minutes (10,001-15,000 words)$1,200
Up to 120 minute (15,001-20,000 words)$1,500
Up to 150 minutes (20,001-25,001 words)$1,800
Up to 30 seconds (up to 85 words)$80
Up to 1 minute (86-150 words)$120
Up to 2 minutes (151-300 words)$165
Up to 5 minutes (301-750 words)$225
Up to 10 minutes (751-1,500 words)$325
Up to 15 minutes (1,501-2,500 words)$400
Up to 20 minutes (2,501-3,250 words)$475
Up to 30 minutes (3,251-5,300 words)$550
Up to 45 minutes (5,301-7,500 words)$675
Up to 60 minutes (7,501-10,000 words)$900
Up to 90 minutes (10,001-15,000 words)$1,100
Up to 120 minute (15,001-20,000 words)$1,300
Up to 150 minutes (20,001-25,001 words)$1,700
Up to 15 seconds$125
16-30 seconds$150
31-60 seconds$200
61-90 seconds$250

These rates are for Local audiences (defined as < 1 MILLION). And include 12 months of usage.

For Regional audiences (defined as > 1 MILLION) add 25%.

For National audiences (defined as > half of 1 country) add 500%.

Additional years and Buyout in Perpetuity available upon request.

$280 per hour of FINISHED AUDIO. Audio is provided edited and ready to use.

2 professional tag lines of up to 15 seconds each $100

0-750 words$30
751-2,500 words$60
2,501-5,300 words$100
10,001-20,000 words$190
20,001-30,000 words$240
30,001-40,000 words$300
40,001-50,000 words$400