Time and time again the same old story is told.  Only, it’s not an old instance – it’s happening over and over again, every day.  It goes something like this…

You want to generate a substantial stream of revenue.  You hear about someone doing just that as an online marketer.

It just so happens you have an amazing product idea so you setup a website, get your resources lined up, and buy some traffic.  What comes next is a shock.

No one buys, or maybe you get a handful of sales.  They don’t nearly makeup the advertising investment though.  It’s confusing because the product is solid, the price is fair.  They clicked your ads – so why didn’t they buy?

That’s the age-old question my friend – if you answer that question correctly, you could pretty much write your own ticket.

What’s The Answer Then?

The answer itself is simple – but the ahhhh the execution!

Years ago I read a best-selling book by Robert Levine – The Power Of Persuasion.  In it, I discovered secrets that changed not only the way I do business, but the way I deal with people every day.

Although the book had dozens of great points and gave me a hundred ideas to pursue – most of the content can be summed up in one sentence.  People buy from people they know, like & trust.

Car salesmen are an excellent example of this in action.  When you go to buy a car the salesman will give you enough time to see if you click – and if you don’t – he’ll ‘have something he needs to take care of’ and pass you off to another salesman.  Why?

Time.  The more time you spend on the lot, the more likely you’ll buy.  If your personalities didn’t ‘click’ you’ll be leaving.  He’s trying to match you up with a salesman with a different personality.  They do this because they know if they can find you a salesman you like, you’ll spend more time and they’ll be one step closer to closing the deal.  And that’s where your business is right now.  You either pass your prospects to ‘another salesman’, or watch them leave your website empty handed.

Try A Different Approach

If your strategy isn’t getting you the results you want, consider having ‘an outsider’ come up with a different approach.  I’m not saying everything I touch turns into gold.  I’m just saying that every marketing funnel I’ve ever built generates consistent, measurable results.  In fact, it’s science.

Think about a TV show that you love to watch.  What’s the formula for a successful TV show?  I won’t bore you with all the elements but one huge ingredient is – likable characters.

If you like at least one of the characters, you’ll get more involved in the show.  You care about what happens to them.  You can’t wait to see what they get into next.  You’ll overlook their flaws.  You’ll even overlook some shortcomings of the show.  But what’s most important – you’ll give them your TIME.

The campaigns I design are built on established principles.  Get your customers to know you, get them to like you, and get them to trust you.  When you accomplish those 3 goals – they WILL BUY FROM YOU!

Develop Your Gameplan

Today’s marketing world evolves around not marketing your product so much, but marketing your brand.  A carefully crafted campaign will get your prospects to know more about your business.  They’ll learn more about you.

Now, I’m not talking about starting a reality show based on your life (as if reality shows were based on real life LOL) but by exposing them to your knowledge on the subject at hand.  What are you selling?  How can we demonstrate your expertise in the matter?

Sometimes we answer those questions by providing helpful information.  Sometimes we provide entertainment.  But no matter how it’s accomplished, the result is the same.  Your prospects get to know you, they get to like you, and they learn to trust you.

Keeping them engaged in your funnel means they invest time in your business.  And, just like that car salesman, you know that the more time they invest in you, the greater the chance they’ll make that purchase.

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